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The term "Sargodha" has its origins in the words "sar" meaning "pond" and "godha" meaning "sadhu". There are theories about the origin of this name. One theory is that it is derived from the Sanskrit "svaradhama" meaning "heavenly" adobe. The Sargodha city was founded by Lady Trooper in 1903. Being the District Headquarters since 1940, Sargodha was upgraded to the status of Divisional Headquarters in the year 1960. It is one of the planned cities of a region where now a days Pakistan present. It is only 1 hour and 33 minutes away from Faisalabad. which a hub of Textile Industry of Pakistan. Sargodha has typical Punjabi culture. People of Sargodha are very peaceful and patience.

It in an actually culturally and religion ally diverse city where majority is of Muslims, Christians are second in majority and hindus are third in number. Since the ctreation of pakistan, not even a single time there has been fight among people of different sects or religion has occured.

The city has always had greater stretigic importance for Pakistan Air Force which has its largest base here in this city. This base is surrounded by famous Karana Hills which protest it from Attack of enemy jets. This city has also been discussed in report of American Intelligence Agency CIA whose agents still believe that Pakistan has kept its neuclear weapons under centralized security system under Karana Hills. British Royal Air Force also build an airport in Sargodha during British Raj due to its stretigic location.

The pople of Sargodha have great food habits. There are several hotels and resturants where people use to go and enjoy food with their families One of the famous returant is in Karana Bar Resturant.Sargodhian culture is a great mixture of rural and urban culture.

Visuals of latest development viz PPIC3 Sargodha

By ppic3 / NEWS/ PPIC3 Sargodha, 01 Feb 2018

In pursuit of CM’s vision of Digital Punjab, PPIC3 Center of Punjab Safe Cities Authority is under construction in Sargodha. In the unwavering leadership of Project Director | COO PSCA, Akbar Nasir Khan, Team PSCA has made concerted efforts so far to expedite successful completion of this project in accordance with projects’ timeline. Attached herewith are latest pictures of this site reflecting the development status as on today i.e. Sep 14, 2017. PSCA’s premier project PPIC3 is a consolidated hub of integrated policing regulating swift Emergency & Police responses including, but not limited to, intelligent traffic management, dispatch of Punjab Police, PRU and Dolphin Force, 1122 Emergency response, Criminal Identification/Investigations, virtual surveillance and Media Monitoring. Other than safety and security of the host city, this project is also a source of employment to Hundreds of Young IT Professionals who will be instrumental in changing the Police Culture with their enlightened and energetic efforts for a peaceful, prosperous and safer Punjab.